Getting dirty at the office: Content of your PC keyboard could make you ill


How much crap is in your PC keyboard, or stuck to your monitor? Is it making you ill? Are you sharing a bunch of unfriendly bacteria with your colleagues?

A bottle of Yakult ain’t gonna clean this up.

Durable (yep, they make cleaning products) have done a study on office hygiene, and if you’re about to eat your lunch (at your desk) you may not want to read this.

  • 75% of us have dirty monitors (that’s the glass itself, not what’s displayed on them) – risking eye strain
  • 90% of us eat lunch at our desks, dropping crumbs and other food into the keyboard.
  • 72% of us (sorry, them) pick their noses at work (well, why wait til you get home?)
  • 65% of office workers ‘hot desk’ or share PCs with others.

This reminds me of a colleague who tipped their keyboard upside down and then started trying to identify the contents. Yeuck.

It’s not surprising that Durable want you to buy their products to clean up your office. My advice is not to wait until September 18th which is the start of UK National Computer Cleaning Week.

And stop picking your nose!

Computer Cleaning Week web site

Andy Merrett
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