Apple Rumour of the Day: The iPhone

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Apple Rumour: The iPhone

I love Apple rumours, don’t you? It’s certainly one of the companies everyone loves to speculate about, even though we know that nothing’s certain until Steve Jobs sings.

What’s quite cool (for a while) is the amount of spoof product and ad shots that people seem to spend a lot of time concocting. Some of them are quite convincing, too. Here we go with the iPhone.

The Rumour Mill Says…

MobileMag are just one site that have published the spoof Apple iPhone ad. Yeah, someone’s got the ‘Apple font’ and the white background and suddenly they’re on the PR team. "Everything you expect from a Mac, from a phone" is the tag. "Say hello to everyone" another one beams.

Join the club, watch the "iPhone Ad" on YouTube.

See how many old adverts someone has clipped together or Photoshopped to create it. Convincing? Maybe not, but it seems to well up the hope that many Apple fans have for another way to bring Apple into their life.

It’s easy to lose count of how many previous rumours have been off-the-wall and proved wrong when Steve actually starts talking.

Next time he’ll talk is on Monday, August 7th at the World Wide
Developers Conference (WWDC06). We’ll see what happens (and of course
we’ll tell you about it).

Finally, you can play WWDC Bingo, courtesy of Ars Technica – can you get five rumours in a row?

Rumour Rating

Well, this one’s been rumbling on and off for a while. Do Apple really
want to get into mobile phones? How does it fit into their digital
lifestyle strategy? Will the iPod generation and Mac addicts really
want to commit another part of their lifestyle to Apple?

My feeling is it’s fairly likely. Whether it gets announced on
Monday is another matter, but so I have a bigger chance of looking
stupid (hey, why not) I’ll rate the likelihood of Mr Jobs unveiling an
iPhone (or similar device with a different name) on Monday – 60%:

So what do you reckon? iPhone, anyone?

Andy Merrett
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  • That’s a horrible ad…if i ever saw something like that on the telly, i’d be saying to myself “Apple is making really low budget ugly ads”

    But anyways….i hope there isn’t a iPhone coming out. It’s bad enough seeing every second person walk around with an iPod. The product is the epitome of mass production- Apple won’t be satisfied until every one of us buys one. Grrr….

    If an iPhone was ever to come out, I would SOOO not buy it.

  • @Tex
    Why not just telepathically cast it into your audience’s minds? Gets rid of the projector too 🙂

    Anyway, the notebook business is very essential for Apple (12% market share), and something like what you asked for would kill a huge share of that segment (Business customers). And you have some really nifty programs like Salling Clicker to use your phone as a remote already (Cingular, please update my SLVR so I can use this cool app again!!!). But.. yes, a Mobile Edition of Mac for a PDA/Phone would be nice.

  • A wireless Apple iPhone with built-in Mac OS X mobile (to be released) will rock, because it will allow you to give wireless, computerless, PDAless presentations just using the iPhone as a remote control.

    Make the Keynote or PowerPoint presentation on Mac OS X or Windows, transfer it to the iPhone and just carry it to the presentation room to give the wireless presentatation over a wirreless wideoprojector. Wow!

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