Ten New Core 2 Duo and Extreme Processors from Intel


Speed junkies will be on high alert for ten new Intel Core 2 processors that will soon be finding their way into high-end desktops and laptops. Core 2 processors use 65 nanometer technology to package around 291 million transistors yet Intel claim the new generation of CPUs runs 40 percent faster than its current top chip range whilst consuming 40 percent less power.

The ten new chips, five for desktops and five for laptops, cover all applications from home computing to high-end gaming. Core 2 technology revolves around Intel’s Wide Dynamic Execution technology, which involves a 14-stage pipeline that’s capable of carrying out up to four instructions simultaneously, they also boast more efficient memory management, full 64-bit support and something called Dynamic Bus Parking, which basically means improved motherboard power management when the processor isn’t busy.

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