AOL giving 5 gigs free onliine storage to every AOL/AIM user


have said that they’ll give 5 gigabytes of online storage to every web user with an AOL or AIM (AOL instant messenger) screen name, from September. They’ll use the XDrive service which they acquired last year.

According to AOL, users will be able to back up important files like photos, documents, music and videos from any PC or mobile device with a Net connection, share them with others, with no upload or download charges or restrictions. It will be integrated so that users can just drag and drop files from their local hard drives to the service. There’ll also be a premium paid service offering 50Gb of storage.

Some see this as a direct competitor to Google’s GDrive; the market for online backup is growing as more companies tap this area. Whilst 5 gigs won’t back up your entire hard drive, it should allow you to store a decent amount of files and digital content. Free forever? Who knows, but it will be to start with.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “AOL giving 5 gigs free onliine storage to every AOL/AIM user

  • This outdoes Yahoo!’s current 2GBs… GMail’s, too. I don’t get something, though: WHERE are you “backing up” your important files? Online? HA! Don’t make me laugh. That’s like, electronic identity theft suicide. Just do yourself a REAL favour– back up your files on to CD/DVD and put it in a little fire-proof, locked box and you’ll be safer than using a lure method like 5GBs of online space.

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