Apple to astound world (maybe) by SHUFFLE-ing 1,000 songs (maybe)

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Apple scientists have gone mad and achieved the unthinkable, say ‘multiple sources’.

That’s right.. According to ‘insiders’, boffins in California have struggled and strained to create the unimaginable by redesigning the Apple iPod Shuffle to support a mighty 4Gb of solid-state hard drive space. Amazed, huh? Well, I’m not surprised. The current series of iPod Shuffles struggle to push past the maximum limit of a piffling 2Gb – so for this rumour to be true – well, it redefines time, space, life and everything.

According to ‘the anonymous ones’ we’ll see it released in a couple of weeks alongside an about-time price cut for those vastly inferior 1 & 2Gb pods.. So, grab your sleeping bags, and i’ll see you in the queue outside the Apple Store on Regent Street at 2am.

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  • The 1GB shuffle can hold 17-18 hours of music but the battery is specified to last only 12 hours (same as the 2GB).

    I hope Apple has been working on the battery life of these larger shuffles else I don’t see the point of holding more music.

    • Cracking point Burak. They absolutely should make the battery last longer if they’re gonna improve on the Giga-blips..

      And you know what? While they’re at the ol’ drawing board, i hope they re-examine the Shuffle’s dock too. It’s a really stupid design: fiddly and unnecessary.

      The original Shuffle’s USB plug-n-play stick was fantastic for it’s ease of use. AND it looked and felt like Lego. In fact, let’s start a petition.. write to Steve Jobs.. go picket an Apple Store – and bring back the Shuffle ‘Classic’!

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