Splash out on H2O Audio's iSH2 underwater iPod Shuffle case


If you’re a swimmer, then you’ll know what a pain it is when cases that claim to be ‘waterproof’ leak, and your iPod suddenly dies mid-breaststroke. Well, here’s a waterproof case that has won an award for best iPod Shuffle case of the year, and intriguingly, clips to the back of your head.

Makers H2O Audio reckon that it’ll go down to 3.6m deep, and because it’s positioned on the back of your head, it reduces “water drag”. It’ll attach easily to your googles, so it won’t fall off, though what the sound quality is like on the attached headphones when you’re underwater remains to be seen. Oh, and did I mention it costs £60? Pick it up from the H2O Audio website.

H2O Audio

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Apple to astound world (maybe) by SHUFFLE-ing 1,000 songs (maybe)

Apple scientists have gone mad and achieved the unthinkable, say 'multiple sources'.

That's right.. According to 'insiders', boffins in California have struggled and strained to create the unimaginable by redesigning the Apple iPod Shuffle to support a mighty 4Gb of solid-state hard drive space. Amazed, huh? Well, I'm not surprised. The current series of iPod Shuffles struggle to push past the maximum limit of a piffling 2Gb – so for this rumour to be true – well, it redefines time, space, life and everything.

Opinion: Apple is devaluing itself by selling off dirt-cheap iPod Shuffles

PodShuff.jpgJonathan Weinberg writes…

In the race to be the best, and capture the masses, cool firms often make one crucial mistake – lowering their standards so far that eventually it backfires. Apple’s decision this week to make an iPod Shuffle available for just £32 strikes me as being one of those.

There’s no doubt the US giant is one of the coolest companies in the tech sphere. It makes products that look good and have you salivating over them. Who else could have produced the ultra-thin MacBook Air?

But by pricing the 1GB Shuffle so cheap, are Apple not in danger of making themselves far too popular for their own good? An iPod used to be something you desired, something pricier than most other options on the market but like with any big-name brand, you paid more to have that moniker on your gadget…