Asda spark iPod price war

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ipod nano new thumb.jpgSupermarket chain Asda have announced their pricing for the latest line of iPod media players. And, much to Apple’s annoyance, they undercut the Apple Store by a few quid with each and every new model.

Starting with the cheapest ‘pod, the 2GB Shuffle is £37 through Asda, two pounds cheaper than in the Apple Store. Ipod touch and Nano ranges bought at Asda, depending on the storage sized purchased, can save you between £3 and £13, with the daddy 64GB iPod Touch a mere £316 from the supermarket.

The unit prices aren’t just competitive on the high-street, but are also shaving pounds off of the prices set by online retailers Play and Amazon, who only match Apple on their websites.

However, there’s a slight catch. You’re looking at a £4.95 delivery charge from Asda if you’re buying online, so unless you’re heading into the store to grab some spuds at the same time, you’ll find it’s still cheaper to go grab them from Apple.

Still, if that doesn’t bother you, you can check out Asda’s iPods by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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