Tiny Apple touchscreen may mean a Touch iPod Nano or iWatch is inbound

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apple tiny screen.pngA tiny Apple branded screen has popped up over on Apple.pro, a site notorious for getting the real-deal when it comes to Apple leaks. They’ve previously uncovered a white iPhone 4 casing as well as its battery prior to official announcements, and now this little touchscreen has the technosphere speculating on the possible launch of brand new Apple hardware.

But what could it be? The 1.2inch square display is far smaller than any touchscreen device Apple have touted so far. Even the relatively small iPod Nano features a 2.2 inch screen. Could it be a touch sensitive part of a future iteration of the Nano, or a gesture controlled iPod Shuffle?

Perhaps best of all though are the rumours of a potential iWatch from the Cupertino kings. The size is definitely suitable for a wrist watch, but is a touchscreen watch really worth its inevitably high-price? Perhaps, so long as I can get a Doodle Jump app on my skinny wrists!

Any ideas folks? Are we looking at the future of the iPod Nano, or are Apple just starting to make iPads for gnomes? Let us know!

Via: Apple Pro

Gerald Lynch
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