5 of the best spoof Apple videos – the "iPad Shuffle" and more!

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Apple may deservedly rule the roost when it comes to smartphones, tablet and media players, but they don’t half take themselves seriously. Their iPads, iPhones and iPods have certainly been revolutionary devices, but the company itself has earned a strangely cult-like status due to their earnest advertising and feverish fanboy following.

Which of course makes them prime targets for a good old YouTube spoof video. Here are 5 of the best we’ve seen.

The “iPad Shuffle”

Picking up on Apple’s love of re-releasing every single idea they’ve ever had in about a million different variations, this spoof reveals the iPad Shuffle. It’s an iPad, but 1/250th the size!

The Scottevest

The iPhone may have an app for everything, but the Scottevest has a pocket for everything! You wont win any awards for fashion wearing this, but you’ll be bringing Ray Mears-chic into the 21st century with this tech-savvy sleeveless overcoat.

The Apple “i”

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Chrome-y, classy, and shiny, the Apple “i” is probably genuinely in development deep in an underground lab in Cupertino. It’s “100% spherical”, but what the hell does it do!? Hats off to the actor in the vid for nailing Steve Jobs presentation giving mannerisms. We couldn’t embed this vid, but we couldn’t leave it out either. Click here to view it instead!

FaceTime kidnapping

As much a dig at the AT&T network as it is Apple, it looks like the iPhone 4’s FaceTime app has an unexpected use; sorting out hostage negotiation situations!

Peter Serafinowicz’s iPad

Need to take notes, make movies, write music and play games all from the same device? Peter Serafinowicz may have an overpriced solution for you!

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