WATCH: Saints Row meets Top Gear

The new Saints Row stand-alone expansion: "Gat Out of Hell" is out now - and to promote it the developers have created a weird Top Gear parody that sees "The Stag" (geddit?) driving an armchair with mounted machine guns through the streets of London. You can see the parody, which goes on slightly too long,…

"Pirates of the Amazon" gets sunk by Amazon


The art project/mass piracy enabler that was the ‘Pirates of the Amazon’ extension from Firefox has been hit by a broadside from Amazon, who boarded the boat with their lawyers and sent the group of students a take-down notice.

The students, for their part, say the extension was intended as an artistic parody. They study media design at the Piet Zwart Institute of the Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool in Holland, and claim “It was a practical experiment on interface design, information access, and currently debated issues in media culture”.

The best video on teh internets, ever. iPhone parody of the Pussycat Dolls' 'Dontcha'

Without a doubt, this video is what the internet was created for. Forget the Nintendo sixty-foooouuuur kid, the otters holding hands, heck, even the My Hands Are Bananas vids, this is the creme de la creme of online video.

Wait for the killer chorus – “dontcha wish your cellphone was hot like me, dontcha wish your keypad was button-free…dontcha wish your cellphone was raw like me, dontcha wish you spent more than half a gee”. Perfect. I will probably be watching this video thirteen times a day on average. Well, at least until someone creates a parody of Depeche Mode’s…