FRIDAY FUN: The Tron movie you're unlikely to see…

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So the coldest working week in recent memory for UK Tech Digest readers draws to a close. But before you wrap up for the weekend (and do wrap up, it’s bloody cold out), warm your soul with a belly laugh or two by reading this short and hilarious Tron parody comic.

The sci-fi retro revamp Tron: Legacy is set to be this winter’s biggest blockbuster when it touches down in 3D cinemas this month. Starring Jeff Bridges, it’s a visually stunning take on what it would be like to actually live within a videogame.

With about a zillion people tending virtual farms on Facebook however, let’s be thankful the movie’s production team skipped the “Gaming Trends” section of their market research and jumped straight to “Awesome Neon LightCycle Explosion Sequence” in their “How To Make A Bad-ass Blockbuster” handbook.

(Click the strip above for a slightly expanded view)

Via: Virtual Shackles

Gerald Lynch
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