Like horror films? Well, make one at home, with the Wi-Fi Inter-Oral Dental Camera.

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Remember the scene in the film Marathon Man where Laurence Olivier’s Nazi dentist ‘mines for gold’ in Dustin Hoffman’s non-anetheatised mouth? Well I do. I still get the sweats just thinking about it. In fact, i’ve been a confirmed odontophobe ever since my own Nazi dentist decided it was a jolly wheeze to rip out four of my teeth, then cement sharp metal braces to the rest.

Which is why i greet the new Wi-Fi Inter-Oral Dental Camera like the piece of hellish equipment it absolutely is. The company blurb says that it’s a great new ‘scientific tool’ for peering in your pie-hole, with ‘a high 1.3 mega-pixel camera lens’ at the end of the probe which allows you to get really up-close-and-personal on your lovely little toothy-pegs. Or for that matter: any other cavity you’re curious to search. The mind boggles.

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Utilising six inbuilt ultra-bright LEDs, the instrument’s camera records every cavity and reddening of the gum in glorious moving or still image, then transmits it wirelessly to the 2.4GHz receiver, which in turn displays it on your computer using good ol’ USB. Alternatively, you can display it good ‘n large on your 68″ flat-screen TV using the supplied AV cables, but, really, i mean, come on… WHY?

Phobia aside, it seems like a fairly decent product. A case of ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. But it really does baffle me why anyone outside of the dentist world would want to spend their days endlessly staring into their festering mouth.

You can’t buy it now, so put your wallet away. But according to a quick search, it shouldn’t come in at more than a ‘pinky’ (£50). Which ain’t so bad.

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