Leaf AFi 10 digital camera offers 56 megapixels and sensor rotation technology


leaf_afi_10_digital_camera.jpgI know it’s not all about the megapixels, blah blah, but when a 56 megapixel monster like the Leaf AFi 10 comes along — and particularly as it also sports best-of-class Schneider lenses — I can’t help but be impressed.

As if you needed telling, this is no consumer camera — unless you’re very rich, of course. This is a True Wide Frame 56x36mm medium-format camera using Leaf’s new “Verto” technology which enables the sensor to be rotated internally, giving added control over landscape and portrait photography.

Having 56 megapixels to play with will take photos with 9,288 x 6,000 active pixels, yet it can capture pictures at one frame per second, which sounds pretty decent to me. It offers light sensitivity of 50-800 ISO, and generates 114MB MOS or 171MB RGB TIFF files. Good luck opening those up in Photoshop.

Want a price? Try around £25,000.

Product page (via Gizmag)

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Andy Merrett
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