Like horror films? Well, make one at home, with the Wi-Fi Inter-Oral Dental Camera.

Remember the scene in the film Marathon Man where Laurence Olivier’s Nazi dentist ‘mines for gold’ in Dustin Hoffman’s non-anetheatised mouth? Well I do. I still get the sweats just thinking about it. In fact, i’ve been a confirmed odontophobe ever since my own Nazi dentist decided it was a jolly wheeze to rip out four of my teeth, then cement sharp metal braces to the rest.

Which is why i greet the new Wi-Fi Inter-Oral Dental Camera like the piece of hellish equipment it absolutely is. The company blurb says that it’s a great new ‘scientific tool’ for peering in your pie-hole, with ‘a high 1.3 mega-pixel camera lens’ at the end of the probe which allows you to get really up-close-and-personal on your lovely little toothy-pegs. Or for that matter: any other cavity you’re curious to search. The mind boggles.