Sony launches BDP-S350 and BDP-S550 Blu-ray players in the UK



After a long wait from Sony’s first announcement, its two latest Blu-ray players are finally available to buy in the UK.

We’re probably all well aware of the specifications by now, but as a quick run down, the slim BDP-S350 offers 24p True Cinema mode, HD upscaling of standard definition content to 1080p, and is BD LIve ready, meaning that in October the latest enabling firmware will be available. Its quick start up mode means you can be watching a disc in just six seconds from powering on the machine. Wow.

The BDP-S550 offers the same functions as its sibling, but already has BD-Live built in and includes 1GB of exchangeable USB storage to save downloaded BD-Live content from the internet.

Audio wise, it’s better, too, supporting decoding of DTS-HD Master Audio and 7.1 channel analogue audio.

I don’t understand why Sony didn’t put the BD-LIve firmware straight onto the BDP-S350, just as with the BDP-S550, but I’m sure there’s some logic in there somewhere.

Though the units are supposed to be available now, there’s no mention of them at the online Sony Centre, so I guess we’ll just have to wait to get the exact retail price for the two units.

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