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appl_wwdc_08_logo.jpgApple has revealed that its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) has sold out for the very first time this year. The event is being held on 9th-13th June in San Francisco.

“Response to this year’s WWDC has been off the charts and we are delighted with the show of enthusiasm and support from the developer community for the new iPhone SDK,” said Apple spokesman, Bill Evans. He also promised that those who can not attend will be able to buy videos of the various sessions from iTunes right after the conference.

Now then. What could possibly have caused surge a surge in attendance? If only i could put my Phinger on et. (Sorry, that was rubbish).

Anyway, yes, clearly the attendance is being boosted by the enormous amount of buzz surrounding the impending launch of the 3G iPhone, which in fact might not even be 3G at all. Jobs could still announce a pioneering new empty-baked-bean-can-on-a-string technology and half the geek world would lap it up.

Ironically, Jobs might not even announce the new device at WWDC either, but due to the popularity of the current iPhone and the debut of iPhone 2.0 software sessions for developers at the conference, development for the new platform is going to be a hot topic regardless.

One rumour is that he might make an announcement before the WWDC keynote, which would kind of make sense if he has any important information to impart that doesn’t relate to a 3G iPhone. Like that tablet thing that has popped up out of the ether recently.

WWDC 08 (via I4U)

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