O2 hints at iPhone 3G "in the coming weeks", points at Apple


Whether cleverly crafted PR or simply letting his guard down, O2’s CEO, Matthew Key, has told journalists that Telefonica Europe and Apple will make a joint statement about the next generation iPhone “in the coming weeks”.

Though no-one has explicitly stated the next iPhone will be 3G, pretty much everyone expects it to be, and most eyes are on Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in early June, which certainly qualifies as “the coming weeks”.

Asked about a iPhone 3G, Key said, “That’s more of a question for Apple … but over the coming weeks we will do a joint announcement with Apple as Telefónica Group”.

Apple generally remains tight-lipped about future products, but seems to have little control over third parties, particularly mobile operators who are quite happy to throw tidbits of information into the public arena to raise their profile and keep people interested.

What’s almost certain is that O2 will remain Apple’s exclusive partner in the UK, thanks to a nice long contract (how long exactly we don’t know — AT&T’s was five years), so don’t expect any other networks to legitimately get hold of the iPhone here.

As usual, we watch and wait for Mr Jobs.

(Via The Guardian)

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Andy Merrett
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