Starbucks expanding into the high-end audio format world with CODE release

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Things you probably didn’t know. (1) Starbucks has a record label called Starbucks Hear Music. (2) This label mainly exists so you can buy the middle-of-the-road background music that tootles away as you decide whether the extra 50p for a Large is worth it or not.

(3) Producer T-Bone Burnett and some engineers have come up with a new “HD” audio format for Starbucks. (4) They have called it CODE. (5) CODE is too good for many normal CD players to handle, so the release will also come on a DVD. (6) Starbucks management is keen on a bit of Frank.


(7) The first release in CODE format will be John Mellencamp album ‘Life, Death, Love and Freedom’. (8) CD and MP3 are still good enough for 99% of listeners, so we’re not entirely sure why everyone’s gone to so much expense and effort.

(Via Music Ally)

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