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flickr_logo.jpgAs was rumoured last month, Yahoo has opened up its photo sharing website, Flickr, to video content.

Do not fret – this does not mean that Flickr will now be flooded with happy slaps, pirated TV shows and Rickrolls (well, maybe one or two). Yahoo is keen to treat video content as “long photos”, so it’s more a case of giving you space to store any short videos you happen to shoot right alongside your holiday snaps.

For that reason, the length of videos is limited to 90 seconds and it is hoped that users will be encouraged to edit their clips down to the “good bits” rather than drowning the site in hours of wedding video footage.

At the moment, only paying Pro Flickr members are actually allowed to upload video content, but it’s open to anyone to view.

In the end, this move isn’t likely to topple YouTube from its number one spot, but itshould be a handy place to store and share your more random shaky cam clips and with Flickr’s excellent artistic community, it could yield some far more interesting video art than other video streaming websites.

Flickr blog (via CNET)

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