Today on Tech Digest: Xacti camcorder from Sanyo, Joy Division Zune, Ricky Gervais in GTA IV and more…

Today on Tech Digest

Another new Xacti camcorder from Sanyo – the DMX-CA8 Waterproof
The day the music died – Microsoft to launch the Joy Division Zune
Ricky Gervias appears in GTA IV – bet he’s already got a copy too


Bluetrek: X3 – hands-free calling in all elements
Lonelygirl15 creators to launch online TV-studio-cum-social-networking site
Sound Hive speaker system – spread the music
Research: remote workers prefer wanking to banking
Sunview PMPP – first media player with built-in projector
Buddhist mobile phone: The Nokia N95 of enlightenment
How addicted are you to social networking? How addicted could you be?
MoGo Dapter – the 1cm ‘plug and forget’ bluetooth adapter
Could Microsoft launch Windows Mobile 7 on Microsoft hardware?
BedFan, air-con for your bed: sweaty sleepers, sweat no more
BT Vision to get Universal’s PictureBox for a fiver a month
Better late than never, O2 to offer mobile broadband from Friday for existing customers
Small child gets trapped inside arcade claw machine
YouTube Hits: Microsoft internal video shames even the Zune tattoo guy
Keiko Takamura’s Second Life myPod: download real tracks for Linden Dollars
Virgin Media trials complicated new traffic management policies, touting “efficiency”. Uh-huh?
BitTorrent at 8.2 million users and rising: legal cases acting like publicity
SEV – Space Efficent Vehicle: a greener, meaner looking car
I take back those insults aimed at Universal yesterday, Heroes season 1 & 2 Blu-ray announced
Hail the disposable DVD, another environmental disaster waiting to happen

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