How addicted are you to social networking? How addicted could you be?

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You’ve got your Facebook account, only just signed up to Twitter, and have been uploading pics to Flickr since they invented the digital camera. But how much of an addict are you?

The helpful picture up above can act as a guide for anyone wanting to enter the world of social networking, by showing you just what level of interactivity you can do, for the amount of time you have. The site also claims that if you spend just 1-5 hours a week on such sites, you’re classed as a Participant, with those spending 5-10 hours a week a Content Provider, and 10-20 hours a week making you a Community Director.

Wonder what the correct term is for someone who spends 10-15 hours a day blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking and the like? ‘Lacking A Life’ springs to mind 🙁

Museum 2.0’s post (via Music Ally)

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