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mynuts-social-networking-hell.jpgThat joke will never get tired. Never!

Lowest common denominator idiot magazine Nuts has made its social networking site MyNuts live, after an apparently successful month-long beta trial. At the moment, it seems to be a way for slightly odd-looking women from small towns to show strange men in baseball caps photographs of their bodies via the internet. Awesome.

Here’s how Nuts describes its venture:

“Girls, upload sexy photos of yourself in this section. The most popular girls will win a photo shoot in a future issue of Nuts magazine. Guys, you can help to choose who wins by voting for the sexiest photos and making friends with the girls. Anyone can win £50 by posting the funniest video of the week as judged by Keith_Nuts.”

We would like to swap email inboxes with Keith_Nuts. Ours is full of press releases about amplifiers and Bluetooth headsets. His is probably much more interesting.


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Gary Cutlack
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