Carlos the Hobo-bot: flaming robotic legs pushing a shopping trolley


Genius, that’s the only word to describe this.

I’m not quite sure what the practical applications are for a robot that staggers around like half a drunken redneck on a shopping spree, but the moment I saw this bad boy catch fire and still keep on trucking, I knew I’d seen my favourite piece of tech of the week. Take a look. This clip was made for giggling.

Carlos’s inventor wanted to design a lower profile bot for a more real and accessible strata of society and if you want to know how it’s done, the raw materials are quite simple:

  • 2 car batteries
  • 1 x 12 volt electric motor
  • many bicycle chains
  • 1 RC controller and servo
  • 1 metal hanger
  • 1 shopping cart
  • 1 silly inventor.

Gizmo Garden (via Hacked Gadgets)

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