Wiimote-controlled KUKA robot can play tennis and stab you if you ace it

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Able to lift 1,000kg and with a reach of 3.2m, you could say the KUKA robotic arm is being put to waste when wielding a tennis racquet or sword for an intense Wii session. In the video above, you can see a couple of chaps controlling the KUKA with a Wiimote, which has been hacked with some light pattern recognition so it’d duplicate their arm swings.

The instructions on how to create a Wiimote controlled KUKA are over on their site, but first you’ll need to cough up a fair bit – here’s a second-hand one on eBay for $10k.

USM Garage (via BotJunkie and check out our WiiWii site here)

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Katherine Hannaford
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