HAVE NO FEAR, the autonomous German robot fire bug will protect you within its shell


german-firefighting-bug.jpgIt’s armoured. It’s fireproof. It has fire extinguishers and water tanks. It even comes with GPS capabilities so it can be trusted and left on its own. It is the OLE fire-fighting robot machine!

Staff at the German University of Magdeburg-Stendal created the walking fire engine, covering it with fire-resistant ceramic fibre to keep its internals cool as it STOMPS around destroyed post-apocalyptic wastelands looking for fires to extinguish and giving hope to small pockets of surviving humans.

it can walk at up to 20kmph on its six legs, plus it can roll itself into a ball during times of extreme danger to keep its internal organs from melting. Hopefully a model with a chair on the back will be made available, so it can also be used as a car.

(Via Inventorspot)

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Gary Cutlack
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