Double trouble – Motorola announce the Z9 and MOTORAZR V950 Rugged Edition

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Motorola have been busy at this year’s CTI Wireless and have announced not one but two handsets for you Moto fans out there.

Anyone nursing their third broken Razr can rejoice today. No, Motorola aren’t going to replace your phone but they have felt your pain and designed the new harder-wearing version, the MOTORAZR V950 Rugged Edition. Sounds mean, doesn’t it?

It’s billed as “protected on the outside, precious on the inside” and should be strong enough for even the most butterfingered user out there. The spec’s nice and high too with a big screen, an external music control, microSD memory stick, 2 mega-pixel camera and they’ve even teamed up with Wireless specialists Sprint to bring you Qchat, the very fastest in push-to-talk fun. Quite fancy one myself.

If, however, you’re more the smooth talking, silk-lined jacket, slide phone kind of cat, then I’d take a look at the Z9 instead. You know, I think they named it to sound like a BMW.

Apart from looking all swarve with its trademark touch-sensitive key pad and metallic copper finish, the Z9 has a number of rather reassuringly expensive features. It’s 3G enabled for speedy wireless pleasure and works as a fully-functional GPS system suitable for your Mercedes or Lexus or whatever it is that I dribble at as you cruise by.

It has a rather standard 2 mega-pixel camera, an optional 8GB memory card and includes the excellent Crystal Talk feature which removes all the background noise on your phone call – peace at last.

The phone runs on the impressively secure Opera 8 operating system and if you happen to be talking to another Z9 you can use Video Share to whip any audio and video media to your friend or, more likely business associate, in a matter of milliseconds.

Both handsets, of course, have teeth bluer than a shark chewing a Domestos bottle but, as yet, there’s no clue as to how much either will suck out your wallets. The only other question seems to be, which one would you prefer?


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