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LG launches new G Pad 10.1 across the globe - including UK

Social media 'influences TV viewing'

Want to go on a spiritual retreat to Bali with a bunch of social media tossers? Now's your chance!

Forget going to the Moon: Buzz Aldrin to "officially launch hashtag" tomorrow

British trains win wifi speed boost because of repeatedly delayed

Maybe we're not all doomed: Solar energy cheaper than coal in Australia?

Microsoft to release Android "Lumia" phones?

Sony used PSN data to decide to re-make Last of Us for PS4

iPad Air 2 spotted again

"Automotive Grade" Linux for cars announced

BMW workers give 3D printing the thumbs up

Facebook Messenger finally comes to iPad

Chrome to add support for VR / Oculus Rift

Dungeon Keeper ad is misleading, rules ASA

Do Ofcom want a 9pm "internet watershed"?

Who needs a Wii? Using Chromecast for motion-control gaming

Amazon Fire Phone not selling well?

Nokia Lumia 830 finds its way online

Facebook buys video ad firm LiveRail

Have the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact specifications been leaked?

Samsung to cease production of plasma TVs

Sony strap a camera to a sheep for some reason

Microsoft working on cross-platform fitness band/wearable?

Samsung shuttering its own video service - will it move to Android TV?

Older Samsung handsets about to get a KitKat upgrade?

Android Wear gains Ifttt support

Now you can use "OK Google" voice commands from any app

Google launch "Smarty Pins" map trivia game

The Upgrade Culture

MS Office beta versions to be publicly tested

Virgin Media suffers nationwide DNS outage... just days after BT (fuelling my made-up conspiracy theory)

US restaurant chain Denny's release, umm, breakfast-themed Atari games

Happy birthday! Sony Walkman turns 35

Assassin's Creed: Unity bundles revealed

UK government filters wrongly block almost one in five websites

PS4 controller now supported on PS3

Facebook faces UK probe into 'unethical' emotion study

Google buys music streaming service Songza

New Watch Dogs DLC out tomorrow on PS4 and PS3

4G Moto G arrives in the UK

Does Valiant Hearts show the limits of how much games can teach us?

Ouya introduces "Netflix for videogames"

Nokia name starts to disappear - MixRadio rebranded

Rockstar reveal GTA Online's Independence Day update

Samsung unveils three new Galaxy phones - the Trend 2, Core 2 and Young 2

EU data roaming costs slashed by 50%

ISIS Solar Charger is NOT associated with the Jihadist Militant Group of the same name

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini announced - but when will it be released in the UK?

Samsung offers 3 months of free NOW TV movies to Galaxy Tab S customers

Samsung Galaxy S5 sales lag behind iPhone 5S and 5C in the UK

It begins: Google Maps updates to add Android Wear support

Is another Halo spin-off in development?

Tablets now go-to devices for TV, gaming and more

Is Microsoft adding a files app to Windows Phone 8.1?

The Skep-Tech: Could the Segway explain why Google Glass will never be mainstream?

The saddest game cover of all time

Facebook defends super-creepy psychological newsfeed study

Amazon to print out of stock books on demand?

Google: New Nexus product in the works

When will Nintendo go mobile? Now even kids prefer tablets to 3DS

Is Asus working on an Android Wear watch?

BT Openreach told to shape up or face fines

Monty Python release "Ministry of Silly Walks" game

Charlie Brooker is a German soldier in Sniper Elite 3

Chromecast to use "ultra-sonic pairing" to connect with outside phones

YouTube gets 60fps support and launches "Creators Studio" app

WATCH: The creative team behind The Order: 1886

WATCH: Is the internet ruining your attention?

Commonwealth Games to be broadcast in 4K UHD - but will you get to see it?

Gamers in revolt over "broken" MotoGP 14 release (UPDATED)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 gets first trailer

Apple rumours: iPhone 6 to have 128GB storage? New iPod Touch? (UPDATE: New iPod Touch confirmed!)

Samsung Gear Live and LG G smartwatch UK release dates and prices announced

5 Takeaways from GoogleIO

Digital news catches up to print

The 11 BIG things that were announced by Google at Google IO

All signs point to iPhone 6 on September 19th

Kazakhstan statue removed after it appears 19th century intellectuals are taking a selfie

Budget 4G smartphone the Nokia Lumia 635 coming to UK

Oculus buy the company that designed Xbox 360 controller

BBC iPlayer users 'should pay licence fee'

Jaguar car ads banned for 'glorifying speed'

BBC sends weirdest news alert ever (UPDATED)

WATCH: Sony Xperia Z2 video review

Twitter testing WhatsApp sharing

Now you can get a phone case with Vladimir Putin's face on it

Is this the iPad Air 2?

Mars Rover takes a selfie

Second Life sequel on the way

Nest smart thermostat opens up its platform to developers

Nexus 6 rumoured to feature a 5.5" display

Microsoft offers to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

LG G3 coming to the UK from June 26th (that's Thursday!)

Google enters URL registration sector with Domains

Don't take internet security tips from Brazil's World Cup security chief

Deezer gets Chromecast support

Microsoft announce the Nokia X2 - that's right, Microsoft are officially making Android phones

Generous Microsoft boosts OneDrive storage

Google Glass now on sale in the UK... for £1000

Glastonbury spectators to be treated to free 4G connectivity from EE

Is Mozilla planning a Chromecast-style dongle running Firefox OS?

French whine about .wine domain name

Wimbledon 2014: Where to watch the tennis online

Sky Go hikes prices for console viewers

Nokia's new charger is pants ... literally

Streaming officially counts towards the UK music charts from July

Tom Watson warns that "national roaming" isn't as good as it sounds

Is "Washboard" even stupider than "Yo"?

London buses are about to get smarter

Foxconn recruiting 100,000 more people to build iPhone 6

Things that Ubisoft considers more important than female characters

Archos launches "Smart Home" system

How Russians pirated vinyl music in the 1950s - using Xrays!

EE sees record network traffic levels during World Cup

BlackBerry announces new Passport 'phone'

"It's like I'm experiencing the horrors of Homs!" - The BBC experiment with Oculus Rift

iWatch will have "more than ten sensors", apparently.

Fraudsters launch phishing attacks against dating sites

What is Nokia planning for next Tuesday?

EE trialling phone calls (and SMS) over wifi and 4G

Coming soon: Collect your online purchases at train stations with Doddle

The PS4 (and PS3!) can now pre-load games

Forget cameras and head tracking: FireFly will be the real legacy of the Amazon Fire Phone

World's biggest video game collection auctioned for $750,000

Belkin releases mini wi-fi booster

LG G3 Mini set to sport a 4.5- inch display

Free Wifi coming to Virgin Trains on the West Coast Mainline

5 things to do when Facebook is down

BREAKING: Facebook goes down - world productivity soars [Updated: Appears to be fixed]

Amazon reveal the Fire Phone - but when will it get a UK release?

Yo! Check out the world's laziest messaging app.

Apple cuts prices on Apple TV and iMac in the UK

Blackberry partners with Amazon to access Android apps - could this imply bigger things in the pipeline?

The Amazon '3D' phone: here come the rumours

Is this the best Vine ever?

Nokia 'blackmailed out of millions' by hackers

Virgin chief brands BSkyB broadband 'lousy'

Here's why Facebook Slingshot is highly likely to fail.

Twitter does the right thing and unblocks 'blasphemous' tweets from Pakistan

Watch Game of Thrones on Blinkbox... get Tesco clubcard points

YouTube "Music Pass" coming soon - prepare for everyone to get angry at YouTube in a few weeks time

GTA Online "I'm not a hipster" update released

PS4 is US's best-selling console for fifth month straight

Tesco takes aim at Skype with international calls app

YouTube celebrity PewDiePie apparently makes $4m/year

All TV to be streamed, says Roku chief

iPhone 6 pictured alongside Galaxy S5

Not all Macs and iPhones will support Handoff "continuity" features

BBC Playlister adds iTunes support

Anita Sarkeesian posts latest "Tropes vs Women" video

Huawei Ascend P7 Review - the only phone that can promise you a more slender nose (!)

YouView facing trademark infringement lawsuit

Google to launch health app "Google Fit" next week?

Is Sleeping Dogs HD coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

Those E3 press conferences in pie-charts: Who had the most exclusives?

Is Samsung developing an Android Wear smartwatch?

The Skep-Tech: Nintendo's Reggie expertly turd polishes the WiiU sales figures

Autonomous drone raises $200k over the weekend

Carphone Warehouse confirms LG G3 pricing

Iraq blocks social media in response to Islamist uprising

New screenshots hint at Android 5.0 - big Android changes ahead?

Facebook Messenger adds video messages

Apple to replace faulty European iPhone USB adapters

Feedly hostage crisis enters day 3 with no resolution

iPhone case offers Predator-style heat vision

Samsung Galaxy Tab S unveiled - coming to the UK in July?

WATCH: Rik Mayall Nintendo adverts from the 90s

Tesla motors opens up patents to all - could this start the electric car revolution?

Mainstream press in "still don't understand videogames" shocker

Sony claims that 31% of PS4 buyers are switching from rivals, and are possibly stupid

Google heads into space with futuristic acquisitions

WATCH: "How Parliament is failing to protect your privacy"

Expedia announces plans to accept Bitcoin payments

Pacman joins Smash Bros WiiU

Facebook is watching you - but soon you will be able to control how it uses that data

Not awesome: Amazon pulls The LEGO Movie in dispute with Warner

Back in 2006, there was a super weird way to watch the World Cup...

EE opens up broadband service to non-mobile customers

Amazon Prime Music launches in the States

This is what the iPhone 6 will look like - actual, decent photos leak!

Netflix founder Reed Hastings joins billionaire club

Apple conspiracy theory: Apple TV is destined to become a games console

India opens tech addiction clinic

No girls allowed in Assassin's Creed: Unity. C'mon Ubisoft, you can do better than this.

SwiftKey Android app goes free

Square Enix bring Final Fantasy VII racing game to mobile. Umm, okay.

Here's why you should be thankful that you don't share a name with a major company

Will Legend of Zelda turn out the lights on the WiiU?

GTA5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC - further details clarified

Twitter censorship targeted with hashtag activism

Catch-up: All of the games and trailers from the Playstation / PS4 E3 keynote

Will Apple's iOS 8 remember where you parked?

Is Amazon launching a PayPal rival?

British Airways plans in-flight wi-fi

Britain gets .UK domain name

Ubisoft sure know how to make a trailer... here's The Division, Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 and more from E3

Battlefield: Hardline beta on PC and PS4 available NOW!

Here's all the games announced at EA's 2014 E3 presentation

Dead Rising 3: Arcade Remix DLC announced by Microsoft - available RIGHT NOW!

Here's all of the games announced at Microsoft's 2014 E3 Keynote