Wii outsells PS3 by three-to-one in Japan during March


ps3-japan-sales-flop-disaster-hell-failure-doomed.jpgLatest sales figures for March show that Nintendo sold 265k Wiis in March, compared to Sony’s rather poor 81k PS3s. And the gap is widening – just last week, Sony sold slightly over 11,000 PlayStation3s in Japan, while Nintendo shifted nearly 49k Wiis.

Poor old Sony just can’t turn things around for PS3 in Japan. It’s already much cheaper out there than it is here, and Sony even pulled the old “alternate colour” trick, to no avail. It’s one crashing comedown for Sony in Japan, where Nintendo is already the clear winner of this console generation.

The only hope for PS3 is that Metal Gear Solid 4 turns things around, with its June global release the next possible slight up tick for the embattled and under performing console.

(Via Reuters)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • And the psp sold 415,000 units compared to 255,000 ds units in the same month but it doesnt mean that “battle” is won. Lets see what the numbers are like next month when coupled with gt5 prologue figures. That said the wii is such a different console it shouldnt be compared to the ps3 or 360 which are both aimed at the same dynamic, it appeals across a much broader spectrum and that is being shown in sales. PS3 will continue to see strong sales as a game platform,media hub and blu ray player whilst 360 has a large installed base to grow on, its a shame sites such as this have to regurgitate other sites news and spin it for a few hits. ” Poor old Sony” not all the time they are selling its massive range of tech from phones to oled tv’s.

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