British and French iPhone stocks run dry, more "evidence" for 3G model?


According to Valleywag, who would obviously know what’s happening here in Britain and in France, there are no iPhones to be had. This reflects the current US shortage, though there appear to be no obvious problems with the Apple or O2 online stores.

It’s easy — and common — to speculate when an Apple product has supply problems. The most exciting (and I use that word loosely) prospect is that Apple is turning the 2.5G taps off in readiness for 3G production. Mind you, a June release date is a couple of months away, so a lack of supplies seems rather premature.

We’ll leave everyone to speculate until such a time as a iPhone 3G is officially announced / launched, and then we’ll report again.

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

(Via Valleywag)

Andy Merrett
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