Rumour: 3G iPhone production starting in May


Backing up other recent rumours, the Bank of America has forecast that Apple will start producing over 10 million 3G-enabled iPhones this year, starting in May. According to the Bank of America’s analyst, the upgraded handset will start shipping as early as June.

The notion of a 3G enabled iPhone isn’t much of a surprise to anyone. One of the handset’s most irksome flaws is the fact that it only works on EDGE, which is pretty rubbish. Apple has officially announced that a second generation of its iPhone handsets is on its way, but none of the specific details. AT&T – the USA’s carrier – revealed last year that a 3G version would be out in 2008 too but not exactly when. Both companies are remaining tight lipped about the recent speculation.

Aside from the much improved web browsing speeds, bringing 3G to the iPhone will also enable the official introduction of iChat for the handset, as well as video chatting and conferencing. It will also be interesting to see how 3G will affect the handset design and currently exemplary battery life – if these rumours are true, we can probably expect an official unveiling in the very near future.

iPhone (via Yahoo)

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