iPhone 3G coming within months; the rumour won't die


It’s one of the most persistent rumours surrounding the iPhone — the availability of a 3G version.

We know it’s coming sometime because Steve Jobs said as much last year. What we don’t know is when.

The frenzy machine has started up again, with various reports suggesting that a iPhone 3G could be just months away.

The reasoning for all this is threefold:

  • All three New York Apple Stores sell out of iPhones, suggesting that Apple may be clearing stock to make way for a new model.
  • Kevin Rose (Digg founder, and nothing officially do with Apple) says his sources claim the iPhone 3G is coming in the next few months, complete with an extra camera for video chat.
  • Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney reckons his “sources in Asia” have reported Apple ordering 10 million iPhone 3Gs. They’ll use OLED display technology to help extend battery life.

Now, I’ve never known Apple stop selling a soon-to-be-outdated product just because a new one is imminent. I’m not placing too much hope in these “sources” either.

Having said that, a summer launch, one year on from that of the original iPhone, would be good.

(Via iPhonic)

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Andy Merrett
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