ApriPoko – Toshiba's walking remote control robot


apripoko.jpgWith HD DVD out of the way, Toshiba’s research team can spend time and energy on more worthwhile projects – like robots.

And that’s exactly what it is doing, starting off with ApriPoko. Don’t get too excited, this is nothing more than a glorified voice-activated remote control. Weighing in at five pounds and measuring 11 inches, ApriPoko watches your behaviour and asks questions to work out how to use your kit.

When it sees an infrared device in use, the robot senses the signal and asks the user “What did you just do?” Answer something like “turn on the TV” and from that moment on, the robot can do it just by you saying that phrase again. Note that it is only a small step between that and killer robots – you have been warned.

ApriPoko is still in the development stages, but there are plans to extend its use to an all-round household helper.

Toshiba (via Engadget)

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