INCHworm Shoes with iFit technology: the shoe that grows as you do


“You’ll grow into it,” is a phrase that echoes back long into my mind as I think of a young me standing unconvinced, swamped in a pull-over between a smiling shop assistant and a nodding parent. I don’t ever remember growing into it. Instead the item in question would just go out of fashion before it would accommodate me.

Hank Miller is obviously another who suffered the same large apparel humiliation and has come up with the idea of putting Japanese iFit technology into a product called INCHworm shoes. The shoes adjust up to one full size in half size increments so that they fit your children when you buy them and a good while after as well but allow Hank to explain.

Of course these are all very well and good, provided the kids like the look of them in the first place and don’t lose interest in them before their feet do.

The other slight paradox is that if the shoes fit for longer, that does mean that fans wont have to buy another pair for a very long time. So, Hank had better hope he grabs enough market share not to have to rely on repeat custom for a little while.

INCHworm Shoes (via Toxigon)

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One thought on “INCHworm Shoes with iFit technology: the shoe that grows as you do

  • Hi,

    I saw some really negative postings on about the Inchworm shoes for kids, and wanted advice from someone whose kids have used them. Did any of you ever go out and buy a pair?

    If so, please could you help me get a full picture of whether this is a good buy for my kid.

    Do the shoes get outworn before they get outgrown? I notice that the material is cheap, and that the glue doesn’t hold the iFit section (the middle of the shoe) together so well.

    What is the support like for the arch of the foot?

    Is it breathable for summer?

    When extended fully, I notice there’s a gap between the inside end of the shoe and the shoe insert. Is this uncomfortable for kids?

    Are they water proof/resistant?

    Does the material on the inside of the shoe fray easily?

    How sturdy is the middle of the shoe? If there is a tear, will it weaken the shoe?

    Is the middle section strong enough to prevent stepping on nails, etc? Are they appropriate to play sports?


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