New York City Walk/Don't Walk chair – cool, there's no other word for it

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This has got to be by far and away the least comfortable looking chair I’ve ever seen but there my criticism of this Walk/Don’t Walk chair ends.

I don’t like the word “cool” but if I must use it, I can take the pain for the sake of this, well, really cool item. It’s a genuine piece of NYC and that makes it cool. You can still see the battered bits of paintwork from its life on the streets, which adds a further 10 cool points, but if shabby chic isn’t your thing, you can have it re-sprayed pristine yellow at no extra cost. How cool is that?

Coolest of all though, the lights still work and flash the world famous mantra at the flick of a remote controlled switch.

The only thing that isn’t too cool about this chair is the cool US$3,700 it’ll cost you to get you hands on one and the 14-16 weeks you’ll have to wait before it arrives. Still, that’s quite a reasonable cooling off period if the purchase happens to bankrupt you. That wouldn’t be too…I think you get the picture.

Uncommon goods (via DVICE)

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