Buddhist mobile phone: The Nokia N95 of enlightenment

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As religions go, Buddhism is right up there for me; tenets of inner peace, peace within the community and reincarnation – beautiful stuff.

For my money, though, they seemed to run out of ideas, or certainly taste, when they got down to iconography, as clearly demonstrated by this Buddhist edition Nokia N95.

It has Buddhist wallpapers, a Buddhist ringtone, Buddhist inscriptions, a Buddhist battery, an etching of a buddha on the back and of course, the thing is caked in gold. Quite repulsive but you’ve got to respect the attention to detail. It even comes in a black velvet protective bag which – and this might come as a surprise – is Buddhist.

Fortunately for us, and not for the phone, it’s only available in China. Expect to hear about mobile phone rights atrocities soon.

Buddhist_Nokia_N95 2.jpg

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TVGames360 (via DVICE)

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Daniel Sung
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  • To be fair I don’t know that many buddhists who would love this phone…its a bit frivilous

  • Cheers Gary,

    Didn’t look much like an N95 to me either. Figured it might a)be some kind of Chinese N95 or b) be so covered in gold leaf that the slide function has fused into a candy bar.


  • That’s clearly not an N95. Thought this was supposed to be a tech website? Idiots. Who’s writing / checking this crap?

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