Research: remote workers prefer wanking to banking


laptop_user.jpgEveryone likes to have the odd chuckle at people who are ‘working from home’ often implying that these lucky remote workers are either spending all day watching Jeremy Kyle and browsing free internet porn. Little do they know, they’re actually underestimating the sheer depravity of their co-workers.

Web Security firm ScanSafe reveals that remote laptop users are twice as likely to surf for porn, visit ‘extreme’ websites (cough goatse *cough), research illegal activities like bomb building and visit file sharing websites.

Apparently people are blissful unaware that even though their laptop is no longer in the office, it’s actions can still be monitored, traced and revealed to the rest of us in press release format. Hilariously though, the same remote workers are less likely to visit online banking sites, assuming “that security is much better in the office than at home or at Wifi hotspots.”

ScanSafe is keen to remind these sick deviants that their activities are “putting themselves and their bosses at risk of legal liability and exposure to so-called malware, such as viruses.” In addition, it’s bound to be a little inconvenient when you end up on an MI5 Al-Qaeda watch list. Happy surfing!


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