Mucking about with the revolving door creates free electricity

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revolution-door--charger-fluxxlab.jpgContinuing today’s impromptu self-powering theme we have this from Fluxxlab. It’s a method of generating power for your home – or someone else’s office – by fitting a little charger to a revolving door.

So as you and your gerbil-like friends and fellow employees turn the door, a flood of free electricity charges up all the batteries and keeps everyone’s stuff switched on for free.

Imagine a future where everything in the home generates power. The springs in your sofa charge your TV remote every time you shift your buttocks during the evening. The fridge hinge chills the ice box for a few seconds each time you get some milk out, and even the energy wasted rolling over in bed is gathered up by your intelligent mattress and quickly whisked over to the alarm clock to save you .0002 pence a night.

And imagine if all the energy blown tap-tap-tapping away on keyboards across the world was gathered up, too. Free living is surely only a decade away.

(Via Inhabitat)

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