VIDEO: Lock and unlock your door with a Nintendo controller

Got an Arduino, a spare CD-ROM drive and an old NES lying around? How do you feel about making yourself a nifty security system out of it?

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds, and Instructables has the ‘how-to’ guide. You’ll also need a webcam, small speaker, and a bunch of random wiring. Soon, you’ll be foiling would-be intruders with your geek skillz.

Nintendo Keyless Entry System (via CrunchGear)

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Mucking about with the revolving door creates free electricity

revolution-door--charger-fluxxlab.jpgContinuing today’s impromptu self-powering theme we have this from Fluxxlab. It’s a method of generating power for your home – or someone else’s office – by fitting a little charger to a revolving door.

So as you and your gerbil-like friends and employees turn the door, a flood of free electricity charges up all your batteries and keeps your stuff switched on for free…