Useless feature of the Week: Schlage and its internet-opening door lock

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schlage-link-remote-deadlock.jpgHave you ever wanted to unlock the front door of your house via the internet? Have you? Have you?

I doubt you have. If you have, you’re MAD. I certainly haven’t, but someone who works for lock specialist Schlage has – hence the arrival of the LiNK deadbolt locking system. LiNK, as well as being extremely fashionable thanks to its mix of upper and lower case letters, can send you a text message when your door is opened, perhaps helping you spy on the comings and goings of your housemates. Or, for a fee, you can subscribe to an online service that’ll let you allow access to door-unlocking via the internet.

There’s probably a serious use for this application. Like shop owners, who could let the minimum-wage employees open up at 6.45am from the comfort of their in-bed laptop.

(Via The Ars)

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  • I totally agree with Rich! We just acquired a vacation property. We live about 2 hours away, so it would be hard for us to change the access code between renters. A door lock like this would be very useful. I just which I could find a similar door lock that didn’t charge a monthly fee in order to change the codes remotely.

  • I guess the author of this article didn’t consider that this lock would be great for vacation rental properties.

  • I’m in no hurry to get a lock with this feature, but I can see why some people would appreciate it. My beef with most deadbolts is that you can’t leave in the morning without using a key to lock the door from the outside. Some of the models I’ve seen with keypads offered a way around this annoyance. If I were considering this one, I’d make sure it has a way to set the lock from the outside (without going on the Internet).

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