CES 2008: HydroPak turns water into power for your gadgets (kind of)

CES 2008, Energy systems

horizon_hydropak.jpgOkay, so I have oversimplified that as only an unscientific idjut could. Basically, HydroPak is a ‘portable power generator’ that uses a combination of fuel cells and water-activated cartridges. It’s the work of two companies: Millennium Cell and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.

Here’s the important bit though: a HydroPak with one cartridge can be used to recharge an average laptop 8-10 times, without a plug socket in sight. It’s being shown off for the first time at CES next week, with plans for it to go on sale in the second half of this year.

The HydroPak itself is expected to cost around $400, with individual cartridges then costing $20. In truth, it’s probably aimed as much at soldiers and ’emergency professionals’, although it may well appeal to us geek consumers too (I could do with one of these for Sunday’s planned day of liveblogging).

Millennium Cell website
Horizon website

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