eBay overflowing with cut-price HD DVD discs and players

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<img style=”margin:5px; float: left;alt=”HD-DVD-EBAY.jpg” src=”https://www.techdigest.tv/HD-DVD-EBAY.jpg” width=”251″ height=”187″ />Those eBay sellers are craftier than I first thought. Whilst the announcement from Toshiba that they were to cease production of HD DVD players only arrived this morning, the public has expected it since early January, when Warner battered the format into oblivion, by deciding on exclusive support of Blu-ray and finishing its contract with HD DVD.

A quick glance on eBay this morning has turned up 2,381 auctions for actual HD DVD discs, with some appallingly cheap options including a job lot of six high-profile films for £49 with 2 hours left (at HMV, this would retail for £124.92), the Ultimate Bourne Collection boxset at £26.55 with 3 hours 49 minutes left (normal retail £49.99), and a brand new 300 disc for £8.50 with 2 hours 4 minutes left (normal retail £23.99).

As for players, well, you can snap up some serious bargains amongst the 454 players on offer. The Toshiba HD-EP30 normally retails for just over £200, but you can pick up a brand new one, with two free HD films, for £134.95 buy-it-now. Otherwise their HD-E1 player, which normally retails for £450, is just £26 with 7 hours 13 minutes left. The multi-format BH100 from LG, when launched, was over £1,000, but now on the ‘bay, it’s £160.

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