Toyota's robot army will be in the home by 2010


Toyota-robots-2010-mobility.jpgToyota, no doubt still laughing at the Honda Asimo stair malfunction videos (55th view, still funny), is boosting its own robot production – and reckons it’ll have two models ready for consumers to consume by 2010.

Robot one is essentially useless – it can play the violin. That’s going to be more of an annoyance than a help around the home, so strike that one off the 2010 Christmas present list.

A robot, using all our electricity, then playing the violin while we’re trying to watch telly? What a ludicrous idea. The eventual plan is to stop it playing the violin and teach its clever, 17-joint-using arms to use tools in the workplace and hospitals. So it might be quite good when the relevant firmware becomes available.

Toyota’s second home robot is a million times more exciting. It’s a personal mobility robot, that’s pretty much a big, comfortable chair that can be used to get around the place. So it’s more of a “wheelchair” than a robot, but anything that could potentially cut down on the amount of tiresome walking we have to do will be a welcome addition to Life 2.0.

(Via Akihabara News)

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