Nasty YouTube comments putting off big-name brands?


youtube-comments-brands-bad-people.jpgYou people and your nasty, anonymous internet comments are RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE, according to the the web-thinkers over at Digital Media Wire.

Citing this seemingly innocent example created and stuck on the web by Google, it’s easy to see why. The comments, as comments are inclined to do, have descended into a series of bizarre exchanges and the odd smattering of racial insults.

It’s inspired Media Wire’s Rohit Bhargava to suggest brands moderate comments – or stick with hosting videos on their own sites – so they have a bit more control over things and can do something about it when an innocent video of kittens turns into a debate about whether the holocaust happened or not.

The threat of random public anger outpourings hasn’t bothered Nokia though – its Connect2Earth YouTube-alike community service is coming along nicely. But will it descend into a random racist hell once the YouTubers discover its existence?

(Via DMW Media)

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Gary Cutlack
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