The competition is certainly hotting up. The mysterious Vince won last week’s challenge with a mighty 13,728,350 score, obliterating the second place score of 34,170 from Neil. Vince says he played for an entire semester to get that good. That or he’s making up numbers. We’ll never know.

This week, we’ve got Perfect Balance. It’s less reliant on having a good mouse, you’ll be pleased to hear. It’s more of a puzzler, involving the stacking of blocks so that they don’t fall. I managed a score of 16091, on level 18, before getting stuck. How far can you get? Entries in the comments below, please.

Perfect Balance

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Google News to allow those featured in stories to comment

google_news_logo.gifGoogle is set to expand its Google News offering by not only providing the headline and excerpt from a wide variety of online news sources, but also allowing those featured in those articles to comment, and have those comments published alongside the article link.

In theory, the system will work by allowing people or organisations mentioned in news stories to submit stories to the Google News team, who will then display those unedited comments.

Initially launching in the US, and rolling out elsewhere if successful, the scheme poses some interesting questions.