The Digest: Apple not guilty… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Jury finds Apple not liable of harming consumers in iTunes DRM case | The Verge

“An eight-person jury has decided that Apple is not on the hook for what could have been more than $1 billion in a trial centering on extra security measures the company added to iTunes and iPods starting in 2006.”

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Google faces €15m fines over privacy breaches in Netherlands | The Guardian

“Dutch authorities could fine Google as much as £12m (€15m) for online privacy breaches. The search company is failing to abide by the data protection act in the Netherlands by taking users’ private information such as browsing history and location data to target them with customised ads, according to the country’s Data Protection Authority.”

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Comments aren’t dead. They’re just broken | Medium

“The current state of commenting is a mess — there’s no doubt about it. At their worst, comment threads can be hostile and abusive. At their best they are often fragmented and unfocused. The media is often quick to blame the community that inhabits these message boards, frequently using terms like uncivil, obnoxious and grotesque in their explanations for why comments don’t work. However, to simply point a finger outward ignores the larger problem: that the sad state of comments is a direct result of a negligent culture and dated technologies levied by the publishers.”

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Tech rivals join Microsoft in fight over US data demand | BBC News

“Apple and eBay are among those supporting Microsoft’s stand against handing over data stored in Ireland to the US government. One year ago, prosecutors issued a warrant for emails stored by Microsoft in an Irish data centre, in connection with a drug-related investigation. The tech giant refused to comply but was ordered by a judge to hand over the information in July.”

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The countries with the most and least internet freedom | Mashable

“Internet freedom around the world has declined for the fourth year in a row, as more countries introduce aggressive online censorship measures, according to a new report. Freedom on the Net 2014, the fifth-annual report released by independent watchdog organization Freedom House last week, found that of the 65 countries assessed, 36 experienced a negative trajectory in online freedom between May 2013 and May 2014. This was due to factors such as blocked social networks, aggressive online surveillance and cyberattacks, and the intimidation and arrests of journalists and digital activists.”



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