Google Drive can now be voice searched on Android, and import any file on iPhone

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Google has been busy at work on some important updates to Google Drive, which have the potential to make the suite of office apps even more useful.


First off, for Android users Google Drive has now been even more tightly integrated with Google’s mobile operating system – you can now search its files as part of the main search box on your phone. In fact, you can even voice search, saying something like “OK Google, show me my awful attempts at poetry” to bring up a Google Doc that is full of regret.

Drive on iPhone and iPad has also received a big update: It now supports iOS8’s ability to exchange data between apps. So now, whether you’re sending a photo, document or anything else, you can select to upload it straight to Drive. Brilliant.

On the desktop things have just got more useful too. Google has finally figured out what to do with its “My Maps” custom map maker – it has done the sensible thing and built it into Google Drive, enabling maps to be saved as documents alongside spreadsheets and word processor documents. Hopefully this change will soon make its way into the mobile apps too.

James O’Malley
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