BMW set to show off a smartwatch that will tells cars to park by themselves

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With only a few weeks to go until January’s Consumer Electronics Show (just pesky Christmas to get through before then) details on some of the big presentations are starting to leak out – including a clever car parking app from BMW.


According to The Register it will be debuting a car that can not only park itself, but one that can be summoned by smartwatch. The idea is that when you arrive at a meeting you get out, the car goes and parks itself – and then when you’re done it, press a button on your watch and the car will come and pick you up. Like a valet without the valet.

To make it work, it will require a map of the car park to have been uploaded to the car in advance. As The Register notes, the same effect could conceivably be achieved using a smartphone app – but I guess that isn’t as zeitgeisty as a wearable.

Whilst it sounds like a nice idea, let’s hope BMW has also tasked some of its engineers with thinking about getting rid of petrol too, and not just focused them on solving first world problems.

James O’Malley
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