Sanyo Yuka Shita robot will inspect your foundations (while you laugh at its name)



Yuka Shita? Sanyo clearly had one eye on titillating juvenile Western tech bloggers when it named its new robot. If only it was a cookingbot, I could spend the next few paragraphs being rude about it. Ah well.

Instead, Yuka Shita is an inspection robot, which grubs around house foundations looking for structural damage. It’s due to go on sale next year, with its target market being landlords who want to make sure their tenants don’t wake up surrounded by bits of ceiling.

Want one for yourself? It’s likely to cost under a million Yen (about £4,200), which when you think about it, is a bargain compared to the price of rebuilding your shonky home.

(via Akihabara News)

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