Make mealtimes less messy with the Squirt baby food spoon



Parents, listen up. Doing that silly aeroplane noise won’t cut it in the ‘making your baby eat its dinner’ stakes nowadays. No. What you need is a Zeppelin-shaped gun thing to squirt mushy food into their mouth.

As if by magic, Boon’s Squirt spoon appeared. It holds three ounces of baby food, and lets you squeeze your chosen measure onto a spoon. But let’s face it, you could cut out the middleimplement, and just point and shoot when they open their gob.

(This probably isn’t recommended, obviously).

Anyway, the other benefit is that if chucked across the room by an angry tot, the Boon spoon won’t cover your sofa in mush. That’s the theory, anyway. Although as you may know, when it comes to make a great big foody mess, babies are a helluva lot smarter than your attempts to stop them.

(via OhGizmo!)

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