Vinton Cerf, founding father of the internet, wants to send his baby into space


vinton-cerf.jpgSay hello to Vinton Cerf, everyone. This old geezer claims he invented the internet, and is now throwing a strop due to earthlings being the only lifeform able to access the internet – he’s now thinking outside the box world and into the universe.

Cerf recently spoke at a conference in Seoul, South Korea, and expressed his desire for the world wide web to be accessible in space. He’s already started working with a bunch of boffins, namely engineers at a Jet Populsion Laboratory, creating a list of ‘rules and regulations’ for internet use whilst in space. I’m guessing this includes banning BitTorrenting ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’? The process will take three years reportedly, and will eventually allow astronauts – all, what, 10 of them – living in space constant access to the net.

I’d love to see the bill taxpayers will be forced to foot for this one.

(via Daily Tech)

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