Vinton Cerf, founding father of the internet, wants to send his baby into space


Say hello to Vinton Cerf, everyone. This old geezer claims he invented the internet, and is now throwing a strop due to earthlings being the only lifeform able to access the internet – he’s now thinking outside the box world and into the universe.

Cerf recently spoke at a conference in Seoul, South Korea, and expressed his desire for the world wide web to be accessible in space. He’s already started working with a bunch of boffins, namely engineers at a Jet Populsion Laboratory, creating a list of ‘rules and regulations’ for internet use whilst in space. I’m guessing this includes banning BitTorrenting ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’? The process will take three years reportedly, and will eventually allow astronauts – all, what, 10 of them – living in space constant access to the net.

I’d love to see the bill taxpayers will be forced to foot for this one.

(via Daily Tech)

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